What is Mortgage Bank Change?

Can not pay anymore, has to talk to the bank. With our free online account change service, changing an account is as easy and fast as shopping in an online store! Change the financing bank and save money: This has the advantage for you that you do not have to change the banks. So you want to change the bank?

Self-determined customers – this is the optimal customer base for the direct bank: many consumers are still shy to switch to a branch bank? The skeptics, who are trusted primarily in the local bank, is the home loan, the doubters entrust themselves primarily to their house banks. a quiet …..

Independent financing consulting & mortgage lending

Independent financing consulting & mortgage lending

As a rule, new banks value their real estate much more strongly than the previous bank. This can have a positive effect on your service offer. Irrespective of the interest rate, such an interest can also make sense if the predecessor bank has additional collateral, such as life insurance, in addition to the subsidized property. Again and again, we have the experience that the bank does not want to release them.

A new bank is often more benevolent if it has the right creditworthiness. Compare if this takeover offer is in line with the market. If you find a cheaper takeover offer compared to the market, you still need to determine the bank bills (notary and court fees for the transfer of land charges). It is best to prepare all the important documents for the new bank:

List of your income and expenses, assets and liabilities, documents for the project to be financed. Decide if you change or if you stay.

Easy account change service

For the change of your current account, we take over all detours. Individual problem solutions, expert support and customer-oriented support in all financial matters are our self-image. Since 1917 we have taken care of Catholicism, dioceses and parishes, Caritas, religious communities, church institutions, and their employees as “service providers for the Church”.

Building loan with the bank for the property management

Building loan with the bank for the property management

Mortgage lending through your in-house bank – you need to know this if you co-finance your own bank. When taking out a construction loan through your in-house bank, this often makes sense. The interest rate is sometimes better, sometimes worse than the average and it is so cheap that you might think, “My bank is the best thing that ever happened to me”.

Often, your bank will offer you or propose to change insurance policies, and other bank products will be sold by the bank because you feel compelled to do so. The counselor’s argument may have convinced you to apply for a loan from your bank, not an independent intermediary. or on the intranet.

Experience has shown that there are difficulties if you do not get along so well after the loan agreement. Money worries caused by illness, unemployment or family problems can, after a few years, create problems for the bank at which you have your finances. Because then it can happen that your bank first uses incoming funds to make an overdue installment before you pay for your maintenance.

So you want to change the bank?

So you want to change the bank?

Often the new bank, which is to take over the follow-up financing, retrospectively checks on the basis of annual financial statements of the loan agreement whether you have always made your payments on time. If that’s not the case, the new bank does not want you. But even your bank knows that and could use it and you can not do anything about it.

Therefore we advise you: Pay attention to a building loan at another bank, not at the bank, where you maintain your paycheck, preferably not at your place of residence, and if possible maintain your paychecks with different banks so that in case of an individual case the availability of cash and cash equivalents to subsistence level is not affected by the in-house bank.

The first indication of how quickly you depend on a bank is always when there is a demand to maintain payroll accounts as part of the financing. In addition, you become more independent because your commercial bank seeks to offer you other financing products because it knows exactly what is going on in your bank accounts, whether positive or negative.

Even a bank where you have only one loan and no salary account will not get any insight there. What kind of problem could it have with the bank, what do our experiences tell us? What you should look for when financing the construction with your bank, what difficulties can arise and what experience you have.